3 Things That Can Happen if Your Auto Insurance Payment Is Not Made on Time

If you are like the majority of consumers, you will pay monthly payments for your auto insurance coverage instead of paying for the term of your policy in full. Even though this makes it convenient to pay for coverage, it does also mean there will be more of an opportunity for late or missed insurance premium payments. It is definitely important that you try to make these payments on time, but if you do not, it is also important that you understand there can be consequences. [Read More]

2 Tips For Reducing The Premium On Your Auto Insurance Policy

While going over your budget for paying the bills, you may have reviewed your auto insurance premium and wish that it costs you less than what you are paying now. If so, there are a couple of things you can do that may help reduce the premium on your auto insurance policy. 1.  See If You Can Change the Deductible on Your Policy When trying to come up with ways to reduce the cost of your car insurance, the first place you should look is the deductible amount on the policy. [Read More]

3 Ways For Young Adult Drivers To Save On Auto Insurance

Some of the highest auto insurance rates you'll ever have to pay come when you're newly adult and perhaps newly responsible for all of your own finances. This is also a stage where you may still be training to enter your chosen career field, or you've just begun in the entry levels of your industry. In other words, your insurance is most expensive during a time when your finances may be very fragile. [Read More]

Protect Your Delivery Drivers By Getting Them To Buy Liability Auto Insurance

Delivery drivers can make good money if they are quick, efficient, and able to stay safe on the road. Unfortunately, many may end up getting in accidents during their trips that can be very costly to a business and the driver. Thankfully, commercial auto liability insurance can protect a delivery driver from suffering a nasty loss of income. Delivery Drivers May Be Liable In Accidents Delivery drivers who get into an accident may make a very unfortunate discovery: their personal car insurance does not cover their accident. [Read More]