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Got Enough Protection? Why Switch To Full-Coverage Car Insurance

If you've decided not to get full-coverage insurance for your car, now's the time to rethink that decision. Carrying liability-only coverage on your car might seem like a good way to save money, but that type of coverage doesn't always give you the protection you need. Liability-only insurance only protects the other driver. And, that's only if you're at fault for the accident. That can leave you out cold for other types of issues. Full-coverage auto insurance repairs your car after an accident, and it also covers medical care if anyone gets injured in an accident. However, there are other benefits to having full-coverage car insurance. Here are four ways full-coverage insurance protects your car. 

Fires and Floods

You never know when a fire or flood is going to come through. If this type of disaster happens, you need to know that your car is covered. If your car is in the garage during a fire or flood, you might get coverage through your homeowner's insurance. But, if your car catches fire while you're driving, your homeowner's insurance won't cover the damages.

It also won't cover repairs if your car gets damaged in a flood while you're away from home. That's where full-coverage car insurance comes into the picture. With a full-coverage policy, the insurance company will cover the repairs to your car. 

Animal Damage

If you hit an animal while you're driving, you're going to need full coverage insurance. Liability-only insurance won't cover repairs if your car gets damaged by an animal. That's why you need full-coverage car insurance; if your car gets totaled by an animal, full-coverage insurance will take care of the repairs. 

Falling Objects

If you don't have full-coverage insurance on your car, you need to worry about falling objects. Falling objects can destroy your car. Damage caused by falling objects can take your car out of commission, and that's especially true for rocks and tree limbs. If you don't have the right type of car insurance, you'll need to pay out-of-pocket for the repairs. That's why full-coverage car insurance is beneficial. Full-coverage insurance covers damage caused by falling objects. 

Vehicle Theft

If you have a car that's popular with thieves, now's the time to switch to full-coverage insurance. Some cars are targeted by car thieves. Without the right insurance coverage, you'll need to pay for the replacement of your car once it's stolen. With full-coverage insurance, you won't have that stress. The insurance company will replace your stolen car. If you do get your car back, the insurance company will pay to repair the damage caused by the thieves.