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Your Family Can Collectively Save On Auto Insurance With These Tips

If you have a big family that includes teenagers old enough to drive or adult children who still live in your house or who drive your car in addition to their own, chances are that you have a large auto insurance bill as a family. But just because you have a large family does not mean that your auto insurance premium needs to be just as large. In fact, you could actually use the size of your family to your benefit when trying to get a lower rate. Here are some tips that you and other family members should look into if you want to reduce the collective size of your family's auto insurance premiums.

Get Everyone in the House Under the Same Company for Multi-Car Discounts

Many auto insurance providers will offer a family discount or a multi-car discount for any policyholders living under the same roof. If your adult child has their own car and policy but it is different than the company used by you and your spouse, see if you can talk them into switching while they still live with you. A bigger multi-car discount might end up saving both the teens or adult children and their parents a nice chunk of money.

Teenagers or College Students Might Be Rewarded for Good Grades or for Enrolling in a Safety Class

Teens and younger people, in general, are normally seen as a higher accident risk due to inexperience and you can expect their rates to be higher or for your teen to make your own rate go up if they are covered under your policy. But insurance providers have ways that could help mitigate this while also promoting safe driving. Teenagers and college kids who submit a good report card might be eligible for a discount because it shows they are generally responsible. It might also be possible for your teen or even an older adult in the family to enroll in a safety or defensive driving course. Any kind of additional safety training may entitle you to a reduced premium either right now or when it's time for renewal.

Sometimes Just a Phone Call is All It Takes

If you are unhappy with your current premiums and you are willing to move all family members under one company, it doesn't hurt to just call around and ask. Tell your current provider you are thinking of leaving to see what they will do. Tell a new potential provider who your family consists of and see what they will do to save you money as a group and earn your business. 

Contact an auto insurance provider for more information.