Finding Great Insurance Benefits

Ensure Your Coffee Shop Is Properly Insured

If you can create a high-quality and flavorful blend, a coffee shop is an excellent business idea. Not only can you service a lot of customers, but you also can keep your operating costs lower than many businesses. You must do everything in your power to keep this successful business protected, and your efforts should begin with business insurance. Learn about some of the elements of protection you need to incorporate into your policy.


Your customers might move in and out of your shop quickly, but it does not eliminate your responsibility. If a customer were to burn themselves from a hot drink, become ill because of a spoiled product, or even if someone was to slip and fall on a wet floor inside the shop—your business could be liable for their injuries. Liability insurance protects you against these scenarios and provides financial protection to pay any liability claims.

Workers Compensation

You also have to keep your workers protected. Sometimes, even when a business owner takes every measure to accomplish this goal, accidents still happen. Regardless of intent, an injured worker deserves to be compensated for their time off. Ensuring your coffee shop has workers compensation insurance means that in the event a worker is injured, the policy will pay for the cost of their medical treatment and missed time from work, instead of your business. 


Unlike the coffee machines used in most people's homes, the brewing systems in a coffee shop cost thousands of dollars. If someone were to vandalize the shop or another mishap were to occur that caused damage to these stations, it would serve a big blow to the shop's ability to operate until the machines were replaced. Property insurance protects your building and all the equipment inside. Whether it is a natural disaster, theft, burglary, or another mishap, this coverage can help ensure you get replacement equipment as soon as possible.

Loss of Income

It is also important to have loss of income insurance for your coffee shop. There are a variety of unfortunate and uncontrollable events that can keep your shop from operating. However, no matter the reason, when the shop is closed, you lose money. Loss of income protection provides you with financial protection when your business is inoperable so that you can still meet your financial obligations.  

Business insurance should never be an afterthought when it comes to your coffee shop. Speak with an agent to ensure you are protected.