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Protect Your Delivery Drivers By Getting Them To Buy Liability Auto Insurance

Delivery drivers can make good money if they are quick, efficient, and able to stay safe on the road. Unfortunately, many may end up getting in accidents during their trips that can be very costly to a business and the driver. Thankfully, commercial auto liability insurance can protect a delivery driver from suffering a nasty loss of income.

Delivery Drivers May Be Liable In Accidents

Delivery drivers who get into an accident may make a very unfortunate discovery: their personal car insurance does not cover their accident. This problem occurs because personal auto insurance coverage is designed to protect a person using a vehicle for recreational or personal reasons. However, the moment a delivery driver starts a trip with goods, their vehicle becomes commercial.

The change here is so subtle that it can be hard for many to understand. Essentially, a delivery driver who is on official business, specifically, delivering goods, turns from a private citizen into a representative of the company for whom they are delivering. And their vehicle, no matter how ragged or broken down, becomes a commercial vehicle during the delivery.

As a result, any accident caused by the driver during their duties, no matter how small, no longer falls under personal car use. Instead, they were pursuing a commercial venture and, if their vehicle does not have liability insurance for this type of problem, they are going to end up staring at a pretty big repair cost and even potential legal trouble.

Liability Insurance Protects Your Drivers

Delivery company owners can either purchase extended liability policies for their delivery vehicles, i.e. company vehicles that they own and which their employees use, or request that their drivers add a liability option to their policy. Though some drivers may balk at this demand, making it can protect them from the problems associated with delivery-related accidents.

For example, commercial auto liability insurance will kick in for a driver if their accident causes physical injury to another driver. The policy will cover a certain amount after the driver pays a small co-pay. This type of insurance can also cover the repairs to the other driver's damaged vehicle, including major and costly replacements.

Even better, this type of insurance can cover a driver if they get sued for the accident. And liability insurance protects a delivery company by making it unnecessary to fire a driver and lose income in training a replacement. Essentially, delivery liability insurance is a win-win for everybody.