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Securing SR22 Insurance

Having insurance on your vehicle is required by law. In some situations, you may be required to have additional insurance on you as a driver. This type of insurance is commonly referred to as SR22 insurance. Although many people associate SR22 insurance with higher rates and drunk drivers, there are many reasons why SR22 insurance could be required.

Here are three tips that you can use to help secure SR22 insurance if it is required for you to remain a legal driver in the future:

1. Make sure your driving record is as clean as possible.

Before you contact your insurance agent to secure an SR22 insurance policy, you should take a trip to your local driver's license office. Ask to see a copy of your driving record so that you can identify any infraction that needs to be taken care of in order to clean up your record.

If you have any unpaid parking tickets or outstanding fines that need to be paid, do so before getting SR22 insurance. A clean driving record could qualify you for a lower SR22 premium, helping you save money over time.

2. Make sure your SR22 insurance is valid for the correct period of time.

If you are required to obtain an SR22 insurance policy, it's important that you understand how long the policy needs to remain in effect.

Your state's motor vehicle department will be able to offer useful information regarding the length of time your SR22 policy should remain effective, and you may have been issued a mandate by the court system requiring you to carry SR22 insurance for a set period of time. Be sure that you inform your insurance agent of any time stipulations that you need to comply with when securing an SR22 insurance policy.

3. Make sure your proof of insurance is filed correctly.

Once you have obtained an SR22 insurance policy, you need to inform the correct agencies of your policy. Be sure that you work closely with your insurance agent to fax copies of your insurance declarations page and any other proof required to the driver's license division, motor vehicles department, and the court.

Failing to send your proof of insurance to these agencies could result in the suspension of your driver's license, the revocation of your car's registration, or a warrant for your arrest.

Understanding how to navigate SR22 insurance policies makes it easier to secure one of these policies if you are required to do so in the future.