Finding Great Insurance Benefits

How Insurance Coverage Protects Your Landscaping Business

As a landscaping professional, you put much of your focus on the exterior, making sure your client's yards and other outdoor areas look great. Ensure you're putting as much focus into the internal workings of your business, namely your insurance coverage. No matter the size of the company, landscaping insurance is an important protection tool that can keep your business operating, even in difficult times.

Vehicle and Equipment Protection

A unique thing about the services you offer is that much of your work is done on-site. Customers can't drop off a flower bed or lawn to you. For this reason, being mobile is critical to the success of your business. If one of your vans, trucks or trailers gets damaged or stolen – you won't be able to travel to the different work sites.

Landscaping business insurance can also be customized to include coverage for all your vehicles and equipment. Whether someone hits the vehicle or you're the victim of theft, you'll be able to file a claim. Without this coverage, you could be left to pay high out-of-pocket costs that might leave you in the red.

Facility Coverage

While much of your work is completed on-site, this is not to say that you still don't have a physical location for your business that is important. This is the space where you house your equipment and materials, train your staff and draft design plans. It's imperative to ensure this location is protected.

Again, landscaping insurance can fulfill this need. In the event of a fire, theft, vandalism or some other mishap, this insurance coverage can get your equipment replaced, your building restored and keep you open for business. A business absent of coverage is placing themselves at an unnecessary risk.

Employee Protection

Every landscaping business owner understands that their employees are the heart of the business. Their hard work and efforts can sometimes put them in a dangerous situation and even lead to injury. It's only right that you assist them through these difficult times given the effort they put forward on your behalf.

Landscaping contractor insurance can also help with satisfying this goal. These policies can also include workers' compensation coverage. If an employee is injured, workers' compensation protection will assist you with covering expenses related to medical bills and lost wages.

If your business is not protected, now is an excellent time to speak with an insurance professional about coverage. An agent can discuss the specific needs of your company to find a plan perfectly suited to meet your needs.