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Do You Need Comprehensive Auto Insurance? Three Things To Consider

When it comes to car insurance, you probably think about the coverage you need to protect yourself in the event of an accident. However, there are other issues that can arise that have nothing to do with accidents. Comprehensive auto insurance provides the coverage you need to protect yourself from damage to your car caused by events other than a crash. If you aren't sure whether or not comprehensive coverage is right for you, here are a few things to consider:

The Age Of Your Vehicle

If you have just purchased a new vehicle, you probably want to protect it against theft. Comprehensive coverage can help you to cover the cost of replacing your vehicle if it is stolen. However, if you have an older car, the cost to replace it might be less than the cost of your annual insurance premiums. Work with your insurance agent to determine how much you might get back in the event of theft to determine if this type of coverage is cost-effective.

Where You Live

Where you live may also help you to determine your need for comprehensive coverage. If you live in an area that sees frequent flooding, such as a hurricane zone or an area near a river, you may want to have this type of coverage to protect you in the event that flood waters total your car. Similarly, living in an area that sees a lot of vehicle theft may inform your decision to choose comprehensive coverage. Some homes are situated close to areas that see a lot of wild fires, and comprehensive coverage can help you to recover the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle if it is damaged in a fire. You'll want to make sure that your insurance company covers flood or fire based on where you live, as some companies may not provide this type of coverage for high-risk areas.

Your Current Financial Situation

As with any type of insurance, it's important to know that you can afford the coverage you are purchasing. If you feel that the likelihood of theft, fire, flooding, or damage from an animal is low but you still want protection, you can set your deductibles at a higher rate. This can help to keep your premiums down. Remember, however, that the deductible is what you will need to spend out of pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in. Consider how much you can afford to pay in the event that your car is totaled, and balanced that with how much you can afford in monthly payments.

Talk to your auto insurance agent about whether or not comprehensive coverage is right for you, and work together to find the right policy, premium, and deductible to fit your needs. You can also check out a website like for more information and assistance.